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We are immensely pleased to see the Research Support Foundation of Piauí (FAPEPI) gain this channel for scientific dissemination, with a specific emphasis on the public from abroad.

Popularization is the key tool for us to get scientific information to people in a clear way. The popularization abroad guarantees more than that when it makes it possible to expand borders and share our new discoveries with the world.


The scientific, technological events and innovations that have taken shape in Piauí in recent years are exquisite work to be disseminated abroad. Our research in strategic areas for the new world configurations, as well as every form of knowledge that we have produced, needs to be known and disclosed.

This Magazine, Sapience, has a revolutionary character in this sense. It hosts an audacious mission, but with a drive for success. The research, interviews, and other publicity and popularization materials that will be published here, will take on new horizons, creating new possibilities for scientific interaction between Piauí and the world.

It is a new door that opens not only for dissemination but also for possible exchanges of knowledge, which should add even more to Piauí. It is good publicity work and much more for Science!

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